My dad!

My dad, he was a “jack of all trades”. He raised 10 children , doing”whatever he could do to make a living”. He sold tractors, farm equipement, farmed, even had a grocery store and mechanic shop. 

He loved all his children dearly: and they loved him. We knew if we really wanted something, if he could afford it, we were getting it. He had a very soft heart, and we knew it,One of his disadvantages . Kids seem to take advantage of that part of him. My, mom a little sterner. He was not a healthy person , but he never stopped providing for his family, all his hard work, (I’m sure) added to his early death of 64. He wasent a church going man, but he sure did believe. He didn’t slack in telling people he was.  I most remember about him, is he had a “heart for the poor” he would take the poor kids and their parents, if need be , and give them all free haircuts. Some days there would be a line of them waiting to get free haircuts. Their families couldn’t afford to pay for them. He loved to do it. He had one of the largest funerals in town, flowers surrounded the funeral home from people who knew and loved him. One of my chores was to bring coffee to visitors , which was constant around my house. They would congregate on our front porch to drink coffee and gabb about this , that or the other. He loved people and it showed because they loved him too. Sure do miss and love my Dad.
Friend and dad:

When the enemy comes in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord will raise a standard against him.

Isaiah 59:19

When the enemy comes in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord will raise a standard against him. A “flood” is a mighty gushing river or stream. Sometimes it’s so bad it can ingulf you. You fight just for a breath of clean air. When that happens, the Lord says he would raise up a standard against the enemy

    Just what is a “standard,” the dictionary states it’s a “banner” or a pole, lifted up, the Hebrew says “ to make flee” 
 I believe that banner is the “cross” and “Christ’s blood “ .

we can hold up the cross to the enemy and the cross, and what was done for us to “wage war” against the enemy. We can
Let the enemy know we’re not “sitting back “ and letting the enemy win over us.

A high price has been paid with his own blood. It gave us the right to do “spiritual warfare” in our behafe, or for someone else. We can pick up arms and begin to fight. We do have a choice, the enemy does not have to take us down, only if we let him.

Jesus gave us a powerful weapon, “ Holy Spirit” we can pray in it until the waters cease for you or someone else. Victory is , and can be yours. 

Season your conversation!

Colossians 4:6, states ; Season your conversation with ( salt to add grace to the hearer). The Bible mentions numerous times about “salt”. It was a preservative , and added flavor to food. Many times,” thru the years” I’ve  spoke to a lot of people, about different subjects.

Not all people are the same , so you can’t deal with everyone the same way. That’s why the Bible says, you season up your words so they will receive grace, not condemnation. I’m not talking about , all grace and nothing else, some people , you will lose completely if you start telling them about thier sin harshly, not that we shouldn’t confront sin in conversation to that person, but be careful how, we as people, present it.

I,ve had people present things so harshly that I left feeling worse then I did before coming. A person should always feel edifies when he leaves from conversation.( of course we present sin if it’s called for) , “but in that “ , make those words roll around in your mouth , like seasoning, and when you get ready to speak it. 

Remember!! We could get caught up in the same  sin , if were too harsh , or uncaring, listen to people, get on thier level . Jesus listened , as he listens in prayer. He’s touched by our feelings or infermaties. 

I don’t believe we should listen to cursing and garbage, but all this teaching, saying don’t listen to negative things, Jesus sure did from us, hear people . Listen to people, then give an answer according to God’s word! Seasoned up and edifying. So they don’t feel so “lowdown” but helped encouraged, and can move on with the gospel, and thier lives. God bless you friends.

Are you a Mary or Martha?


Are you a Mary or Martha? Are you more concerned about work or “works” over the lord? Is all your interest “tied up in this life”. The struggles, finances, cares of this life, imorality, your sin , your pleasures, that you don’t even want to listen to the “heartbeat” of God. So Intuned with this life that we don’t have time for god and certainly don’t want to “sit at his feet” Mary (on the other hand) , sat at his feet, In tuned with his spirit, intimately listening. She desperately needed what he had to give. She longed for his peace his loving fellowship. She couldn’t go on without it. It was life and breath to her. Are we like that? I think we’ve all had Martha’s in our lives. Martha’s need praise of man .Marys  already have gods approval. May we all be more like Mary.

Do you ever feel like going back to Egypt?

Exodus 16: 3 , says the Isrealites were fed up with being hungry and were willing to go back to Egypt for thier hungers sake. Even if it meant “. “bondage”. 

Do we as children of God want to go back to the “leeks and garlic” which represented the flesh, we long , at times , when we are drawn away, want to go back to(Egypt, so to speak) . Remember how good the leeks and garlic tasted. We didn’t have the struggle to “ avoid sin” we were in it. The enemy of(our soul) paints us a pretty picture and let’s us feel really good in it “for a season” . Then a (time bomb) explodes, it leaves us devestated, alone, disguraged, disgusted, ashamed and worst of all, you lose all fellowship with God, no communication, no anything but “bondage” you find yourself intangled with the”yoke of sin and bondage” never to be free. Awh, my friend my Lord is the”bondage breaker” when you come to him and ask forgiveness , you are free again , chains are broken, the enemy has to release his hold on  your life, you have the freedom now to choose “whom you will serve”.  

Esau sells his inheritance for a bowl of red bean soup Genesis D25:30

Do sell your soul for a “bowl of stew” your birthright. It’s not worth it. Just look at how many lives it will ruin. If you’ve sinned run back to Jesus he’s waiting for you.